Reliable Service From A Family-owned Company

Jeff Parkerson began his career in the RV industry when he bought his first rental RV. In one year, his business grew from one RV to eleven and has continued to grow.
One of the challenges in the rental business was getting quality repair and maintenance in a timely manner. A service-oriented former Marine and LEO, Jeff saw the need for professional repair service and created The Shop.

Our mission is to provide quality service as efficiently as possible at a reasonable price. Customer service is our top priority!

We offer unsurpassed quality with honesty, concern, and knowledge to ensure 100% complete satisfaction and unrivaled customer service.

Having Difficulties With Your RV?

All our clients and RV’s are treated with the utmost care and respect. We understand
that most of our clients have never been in an accident before. Many times they
are completely devastated, confused and aren’t sure how to handle the situation.

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A Complete Set Of RV Repair Services

The Shop is a veteran owned business created by the need for great service. Founder, Jeff Parkerson, is a Marine Corps veteran and former LEO. When running his RV Rental business, he learned quickly how poorly most shops are managed and how awful they are with customer service. Jeff decided that he needed to fill that void and hire excellent techs that are great at what they do, and great at connecting with their customers. We look forward to showing our customers what we can do!

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