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We treat our customers and their RVs with the same respect we give our own families. We want to make sure that you and your family members have a great experience with our services so that you’ll return to us with every RV need.

We offer exceptional quality with knowledge, care, and honesty to ensure 100% satisfaction and unrivaled service. We are your trustworthy RV shop.

Our Services

We offer a full range of in-house RV Repair services, whether the vehicle/engine, house, or collision repairs.

Electrical Diagnostics

There’s a lot of wires running through your RV and a lot of moving parts.

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Pre-purchase Inspections

When making a big investment, you’ll want to have it checked out by a professional.

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Oil Change and Transmission

We do oil changes on any type of RV, whether gas or diesel.

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Collisions Repair

One stop shop for RV repairs including estimates for insurance

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We’ll make your RV shine. Whether inside or outside, we can get it looking great for you.

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Roof repairs and resurfacing

Roof can be damaged by weather, accidents, or worn over time.

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Questions About Your RV?

Call or stop by! Whether you’re a new or seasoned camper, you’re sure to have questions. We want to help answer those questions. Bring it by for a quick inspection and we’ll solve your problem and get you back on the road.

Offering The Full Range Of RV Needs

Trust in The Shop to provide the quality repairs and customer service you deserve. We’re capable of handling all aspects of general RV repair services, so that you can get back out on your next adventure without having to worry about a thing.

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    Frequently Question

    Does the Generator need to run to have air in the back while driving?

    The generator needs to be running in order to have power while in transit. There are also some electronics in certain models that may not work while the vehicle is moving.

    Will the refrigerator stay when not plugged in?

    The refrigerator may or may not stay on if the motorhome is unplugged. It depends on if the 12v disconnect is in the on or off position. If the refrigerator is in the “auto” mode, it will automatically switch to the 12v propane setting. Caution, this will use your propane and 12v power, so make sure the engine or generator is running.

    What fuel source does the generator run from?

    Your generator will run on gas or diesel depending on the model. The generator also needs 12v power to start and run properly, so make sure the house batteries are in proper working order.

    Will the jacks work if the engine is off?

    The leveling jack system will work with every engine off, but it is recommended that the engine be running to ensure the proper voltage is applied to the system for proper operation

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